CHEFS CLUB COLLECTIVE is an inclusive rewards program and platform, community based and community led

BUY BITE to SUPPORT your favorite Restaurant

1 BITE = USD 0.80

REDEEM BITE in any restaurant of the collective

1 BITE = USD 1.00

BITE Never expire are Secure and adjusted for inflation

By being part of the Chefs Club Collective community, you are effectively supporting your favorite restaurants to survive through the crises by pre-paying today the meals that you will enjoy later while you get a guaranteed discount

When you buy BITE on the platform, you will be asked to reference the restaurant that you choose to support from the list of participating restaurants.

We guarantee that the integrality of your contribution amount will get to the restaurant of your choice. This amount will provide direct funding to support its operations, pay its employees and providers.

In exchange, Partner Restaurants commit to accept the payment of minimum 50% of your meal bill in BITE once you decide to go and use them.

Win-win situation

When you buy BITE, you also benefit from a 20% discount on your future meals: a BITE is sold at 0.8USD and has a redemption value of 1USD in the restaurants.

BITE will be adjusted for inflation, so the future value of your money is protected. As inflation raises prices and reduces purchasing power, BITE value increases.

There is no restriction on the use of BITE and the BITE never expire. You can use your BITE in any of the restaurants on the platform.