a. You help your favorite restaurants during the crisis

b. Pay meals forward = get something for something

c. Get a discount: buy $0.80 per Bite, redeem for the value of $1 per Bite

b. You get access to BITE-only promotions (at the discretion of each restaurant)

You can purchase BITE on the Chefs Club Collective website using your Credit Card

Your BITE can be used at any of the Partner Restaurants. Once you have decided in which restaurant you would like to use your BITE, you will create a voucher of the desired value to be presented in that restaurant.

No, your BITE and Vouchers never expire

Once you create a voucher for a specific restaurant, you cannot modify it. However, bear in mind that neither BITE nor Voucher have an expiry date, so you are free to plan your dinner whenever suits you.

Present your valid voucher (on your phone or printed) when asking for the check, and the waiter will deduct the full amount of the voucher from the bill.

Remember that you can pay up to 50% of the bill in BITE (unless the restaurant unilaterally decides to accept a higher percentage). The other 50% need to be paid in cash or credit card. At the moment, no partial redemption of the voucher will be accepted.

As inflation raises prices and reduces purchasing power, we will increase the number of BITE available in your wallet proportionally. Chefs Club Collective will use the Restaurant Inflation Index (“Chef Club RII”) maintained by the Chefs Club and will adjust the BITE balances every 6 months.