How It Works

CHEFS CLUB COLLECTIVE is an inclusive rewards program and platform, community based and community led

BUY BITE to SUPPORT your favorite Restaurant: 1 BITE = USD 0.80

REDEEM BITE in any restaurant of the collective: 1 BITE = USD 1.00

BITE Never expire,are Secure and adjusted for inflation


Partner Restaurants

by becoming a member you will be directly supporting your favorite restaurant and their employees

100% of funds coming from the sale of BITE go directly to the restaurants


Take part in the movement to reshape the restaurant industry

Launched during the Covid-19 crisis, Chefs Club Collective Trust is a not-for-profit program created to support restaurants, their employees and vendors by the public-at-large.

Become A Biter


You Pay $0.80 = 1 BITE

(A BITE is a unit of measure for the Chefs Club Collective community).

BITE never expire.

BITE can be redeemed at any participating restaurant (new restaurants joining daily).

Member Status

BITE owners will receive preferential recognition that will be defined by each restaurant.

BITE protect the future value of your money. As inflation raises prices and reduces purchasing power, BITE value increases.

Each BITE is assigned to a registered user as a non-bearer instrument, therefore secure, and can’t get lost or stolen.

For now, BITE can be used to pay for up to 50% of the meal, the remaining 50% to be paid by traditional means - cash or credit cards. With time our goal is to change that to 100%.

Digital Wallet

Store your BITE in your digital wallet.

Manage your BITE at anytime, anywhere on your mobile device.

BITE exist on the Tezos Blockchain.

In the near future you may Sell or buy BITE from an exchange.

Become A Partner Restaurants

By Joining

Receive a life-line for the business now.

Connection to a broader customer base.

Long-term Relationship

Chefs Club Collective and BITE will not go away when the Covid crisis finishes, but will continue to serve the restaurant community.

Collective Toolbox

Chefs Club Collective partners receive access to a toolbox that will evolve over time with partner input.

Free marketing access to the Collective community.

All data will be made available to the Collective restaurants.

Support Restaurants

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NY Sushi

New York

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Le Bilboquet

New York

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